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Never ending, sorrows of the past,

Closely reaching the dreams of a child,

Regardless of the clouds that won’t last,

I wish we had a pain less mild.


We forgot about may, we also skipped June,

I’m short in words, you’re lost in plume.




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Marean, cosmonautul.

Jurnal de bord – ziua 10585.

Sistemul de navigare : on-line
Sistemul de detectare a formelor de viata: on-line.
Radarul indica un semnal ce vine de la 16 kilometrii, pe o planeta mica si albatra.
Sunt prea departe de casa si prea plictisit de aceleasi corpuri ceresti pe care le vad de ani incoace, am sa investighez.
Mi-am pregatit toate manevrele de aterizare, a fost mai usor decat credeam, avand in vedere atmosfera violenta a planetei.Locul asta este un mormant, plin de munti mohorati pictati in toate nuantele de gri.Era de asteptat.
De ce planeta avea o aura albastra inca nu mi-am dat seama.
Dupa lungi ore de cautare, am decis ca e timpul sa plec, incercand sa scurtez drumul, ma trezesc intr-o poiana compus doar din copaci morti.Unul singur avea o floare.Dialog:
-Buna, numele meu este Marian, vesnic ratacitor in Universul marunt, ce-i cu tine?
-Daca tot nu mi-ai spus numele tau, pot afla macar ce anume astepti?
-Sa se intoarca…
-Nu am sa intreb cine, e destul de evident, zi-mi de ce mai stai aici…
-Astept sa infloreasca totul…
-Atata timp cat tu te ofilesti, dupa ceva ce nu mai e aici, locul asta va ramane vesnic mort, iar tu pari mai vie decat tot ce am vazut pana acum, inflorind tu, lumea asta s-ar inverzi!Dar trebuie sa te dai jos din copacul asta prihanit, sa iti infingi adanc venele in pamant, si zambind, sa dai nastere luminii.
-Nu pot acum, o sa mai astept.
-In regula, eu merg sa pornesc nava spatiala, ramas bun!


-De ce mai esti aici, ce faci?Ai spus ca pleci!
-Am setat nava pe pilot automat, oricum nu gaseam nimic eterul de afara, chiar daca nu fac parte din lumea asta, am decis sa raman aici, macar sa nu te simti singura.

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“I’d love to touch the sky tonight, I’d love to touch the sky..”

And probably have some drinks, as you do right about now… but I’m frightened  of what I could think of.
I just finished pushing the Earth down, whilst keeping my ears open for that particular sound.I feel exhausted from the thoughts I had recently, can’t push it away yet, not now.Everything is so yellow it gives me an unnatural state of sickness.

Loved one,

I am miserable at best.
Everything I could be, or do, I don’t wanna do it without you.I am an old soul, a sick romantic, endless.I adore the old way of having someone near, just for the sole purpose of being happy.That’s what I have, a sincere love.Nothing more.

I’ve never  been so far away from the Queen of my purple Castle, it’s so cold, even my dreams are frozen.Oh, how I long for that smile of yours, the smile that can light up the entire Universe.Every since that day, that last day of summer, the rain gently falls through the cold vapors of air outside, as within.
I fell anger taking over my judgement, because I die every time the thought of you being with someone else brushes my mind.Things chanced so fast, all of the sudden, and I miss it, I miss you and everything we done together.I’ve waited all my life to be found by someone like you, and now that you have ran away from this I am lost, truly lost.
And I can’t write anymore, I feel empty from the sorrow.
I miss you.

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Found this old gem.

Imaginary conversations.

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And today I miss it more than ever and I can’t fight it.

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